The Official Biography of

Plastic Spacemen

In the last years of the Twentieth Century, the human race stood poised on the brink of destruction. War and oppression haunted millions, TV ad-breaks were getting more frequent and music had splintered into a million narrow genres.

The Enlightened Fish People, who live beneath the Seas of Europa, were seriously concerned about the deteriorating situation on Earth and walked the surface of the planet incognito, searching for Hope.

They found it only in the schitzodelic rock music of Plastic Spacemen, a small, mutating group of musicians in Melbourne, Australia. The Fish People made contact with the Spacemen and took them to Europa for a run of highly successful underwater gigs.

Despite their alien-inspired message of Hope in the face of Impending Doom, and their unique sonic interface to the human brain, Plastic Spacemusic fell on deaf ears on Earth. Their debut album Exhibit A sank into obscurity and few got to hear the explicit warnings of Plastic Spacemen vs the Barbarian Invaders From Outer Space.

Eventually the Spacemen realised that Earth was not yet ready for them, and set out for an extended Galactic Tour covering over ten thousand star systems. They plan to play to over a trillion aliens of over fifty thousand different species.

The Tour is scheduled to finish in the year 3102, after which the Spacemen intend to have a well-earned century off. Then, if they feel like it, they might have another bash at breaking into the Earth market.

We at are dedicated to preserving the memory of Plastic Spacemen amongst humans, and to promoting their music, so that humanity, though wretched and unworthy, may at least be a little prepared for their triumphant return in 3202(ish).

We urge you not to believe the scandalous lies contained in the Unofficial Biography of Plastic Spacemen.